Dual Bevel Miter Saw

What Is A Dual Bevel Miter Saw

Dual Bevel Miter Saw

What Is The Dual Bevel Miter Saw?

Dual Bevel Miter Saw is a saw that can be rotated to the right or to the left of a 90°position to make the bevel cut. A bevel cut can be made, and then turn the miter saw in the opposite direction to make the bevel cut in the other direction. Typically, the blade angle of the dual saw can be adjusted to the right and left, different from the single bevel miter saw, which is done only once. This type of equipment is sometimes called a double bevel miter saw since it can be cut in any direction.

Since the saw head can be rotated left side or right side at the fulcrum point, you can make the same bevel cut on the work piece turning the material. The dual bevel miter saw enables you make precise and even cuts on each side of the workpiece. Also, it makes the job faster and easier because you can make repetitive cuts faster, even with longer workpieces. For the passionate or enthusiastic contractor, this saw improved efficiency and workflow.

What is the single bevel miter saw?

The single bevel miter saw adjusts its position in only one direction: either right or left. It is, therefore, possible with the single bevel miter saw to make miter cuts in one direction. Miter and bevel cuts can be made together or independently using this saw.

According to the project, you may be required to make the bevel cuts on two sides of a piece. Since the single model will make the bevel cut in one direction, you will need to rotate the other part to get an extra bevel cut on the other side.

The uses of the dual bevel miter saw?

It is quite versatile because of the option to move the dual bevel miter saw in multiple directions. DIY experts and professionals typically use it for manual projects. It’s convenient in areas where the custom dimensions are important. Crown trim and molding are only some of the examples of how you will use the dual bevel miter saw.

Using this tool is faster because you do not have to stop to adjust the board. Also, it ensures there is not much danger of placing it wrongly during the flicking process. Instead of flicking, move the miter saw itself and then continue with your job.

What Is A Dual Bevel Miter Saw

How to use the dual bevel miter saw

The single bevel miter saw usually has the saw head, which pivots or rotates only in one direction, usually on the left. The dual bevel miter saw typically rotates or tilts to a right side and left side. You can then make the bevel cut in two directions. Typically, this feature is helpful because you can create identical bevel cuts without turning the material as you would with the single bevel miter saw.

Rotations or bevels usually range from 0 to 48 degrees. This function allows cutting complex angles, which is a significant benefit in the finish carpentry work like frames, molding cuts, and window framing. Find the measured mark you need to power on, and then cut.

Slide the board under a track bed and rotate a saw head the other way to the desired angle. Then you can find the measured mark, turn it on, and cut, and you are done. No need to turn the table and that is important. Although you can make the necessary cuts using a single miter saw, it can take much time and offer a less precise cut.

Advantages of the dual bevel miter saw

  • Get more work done – The dual bevel miter saw lets you do more activities because you can efficiently cut in two directions. This is very useful for crown molding jobs and other activities with trim.
  • Make precise cuts – By rotating the saw head, you can make more precise cuts that match both parts, improving the work quality.
  • Meet tight deadlines – The ability to make the bevel cut in two directions minus rotating the part saves time, which means you will get more work done faster.

Disadvantages of the dual bevel miter saw

  • More Expensive – A dual bevel miter saw typically costs, which is not less than $100 when compared to the single bevel miter saw. Therefore, it is crucial to deliberate on the return on investment.
  • More complex to use – A dual bevel miter saw has a more extensive capacity, making them more complex and less suitable for beginners. In general, the projects where they are most useful are like crown molding, which is without start-up carpentry projects.

What Is Dual Bevel Miter Saw

Single bevel miter saw versus dual bevel miter saw

Here is the key difference between the two miter saws

1. Speed

In terms of speed, it should be noted that a single and dual are equally fast. Nevertheless, the workflow has a fundamental difference where the dual bevel miter saw model is faster. If you want to cut the material on opposite sides, a single saw will need you to turn the material.

This means interrupting the cutting process, flicking the application over, securing its ideal position, etc. However, the dual bevel miter saw can cut in the other direction, so there is no need to change the position of the material. This saves time, which makes the tool faster later on.

2. Precision

Any work you do with the saw, you need the cut result to be accurate as possible. The miter saws can make precise cuts, but again, the key is to operate a single and a dual model. Turning the material in a single bevel saw means changing the order position.

What if you get it wrong and do not have the same cut as the first one? This ruins the overall result, so that the dual bevel saw might be the best option. The dual bevel tool is the right choice if you’re looking for higher precision. Nevertheless, that does not mean the single bevel saw cannot be accurate, and it just takes more effort.

3. Cost

Is the price of the desired miter saw a major concern? A single unit is cheaper than a dual unit. This is because it’s not versatile like the dual tool. You’ll need a little more manual job making identical cuts in different directions. Nevertheless, a single model is cheaper, so beginners will love it. The frequent users and professionals may appreciate the flexibility of the dual unit despite the higher price tag.

4. Range

The range includes the number of angles used to cut a particular saw. It is important to note that the range of both saws is quite impressive. Although this depends on a model, many tools have multiple negative and positive stops. This means you may use it at 15, 30, 45, 60, and 90° and possibly other stops within as well. It is not related to the type of miter saw but the device or brand in terms of range.

5. Warming it up

The test does not show much difference in the warming up of the two miter saws. A larger miter saw may take a bit longer to heat up than the compact saw, but we’re still talking about the difference measured within some seconds. This means that a double and single miter saw can be ready for use once you position everything when everything is in place.

6. Portability

The general rule is that a single miter saw is smaller and lighter than its dual counterparts. It also makes it more portable and appropriate for moving from different places. If you often work across multiple sites, portability can become very important.

7. Ease of use

The single bevel miter saw is the winner in this class in terms of ease of use. It is pretty easy to use, and even a beginner will feel at home when using it. If you are more experienced, the bevel miter saw can be used right away. Although this unit has a slight learning curve, it is more diverse than its single counterparts.

8. Convenience

It appears that the double bevel saws are more affordable than the single units. This is because they function in multiple directions. The users can rotate them in either direction, providing greater versatility.

This also ensures that no material needs to be reposed during use. Instead, move the saw around to make another cut on the opposite side. This makes it easy to use the dual units, although a single tool has a short learning curve.


A dual bevel miter saw is the most versatile and beneficial type of miter saw that effortlessly and accurately executes the bevel and miter cuts. It can do much more compared to a single miter saw can do. This type of miter saw costs more than others, though the added versatility is often worth it. So, if you do not want a problem of flipping crown molding around like you are performing the circus shows in the workshop, the dual model is the best choice.


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