How To Use Dewalt Impact Driver

How To Use Dewalt Impact Driver

How To Use A Dewalt Impact DriverImpact drivers have become the most reliable tools in the workshops because of their versatility. Despite their excellent features, it is recommended for potential buyers to do thorough research before buying the best impact driver, even if you don’t think about how you’re going to use them. Although the impact drivers usually make a loud noise during use, you will discover that the Dewalt impact drivers are different.

The Dewalt impact drivers are the most reliable drivers which artisans, mechanic repairs, and craftsmen can rely on. They are used everywhere to remove the screws and nuts. You can choose the best tool based on a level at which you need the driver to work where you can find them at 15 volts, 18 volts, and 20 volts. Twenty volts can help you complete a wide variety of tasks with ease. Typically, here is how to use a Dewalt impact driver.

  1. Do the preparation

You need to make a battery, bit holder, bit, impact driver, rag/wiper, and the charger ready. Clean the impact driver with a cloth before clean the grit on every side of the bit, chuck, and body. After that, assess the shape of the nut or screw you will work with. Make sure you select the correct bit for the proper job and ensure the bit has the hex shank so you can easily assemble the bit into a Dewalt impact driver. Check if everything is available and then go to the next step.


  1. Insert the battery

The battery of the Dewalt impact driver has an irregular shape, but normally it weighs more than one pound. You need to check the impact driver from the grip where you can get the metallic clip. At this point, make sure the on/off switch is off before you continue. Once you have recognized the clip and get the battery, insert the battery’s pointed part into the opening under a grip and tap it correctly. Ensure the battery is securely fixed before sealing it with the metal clip and try to switch on at a flank to ensure it is set. After you have confirmed that it is well fixed, you need to switch off the Dewalt impact driver.


  1. Insert the correct bits

The bits are easy-to-use tools that you use to loosen or tighten screws of various sizes and shapes. Either way, work definitely will become easy when you use the correct bit for the proper job. After that, you need to know how to insert the bits. Typically, open the bit set and select the correct one for the job. Check if the drill uses the hex shaft, then fix it inside a chunk gently and discreetly. If you decide to use the bit holder, you may set it inside before fixing the bit. Then twist it clockwise and properly lock it inside. Touch the bit’s body and know whether there is a tendency that may wobble. If there is any, that means you need to remove and re-insert it.


  1. Start the operation

How To Use Dewalt Impact Driver

You need to know that we are using the Dewalt impact driver like the introduction because it is easy to use and reliable. Now that everything is ready turn it on by using the side button to specify what you want the machine to achieve. There are three positions or steps that you can assign the button to. When you pull it forward, a bit will turn clockwise, which is to tighten the screws. Whenever you move it to a reverse end, a bit will rotate counterclockwise. If a button remains in the middle, the drill will stop turning. Also, if users want to change a bit or its function, typically, they should wait until the end of the revolution. This will be of great importance if the impact driver is used for a long time.


  1. Performance

The company of Dewalt is using the cordless impact driver very easily because it has 3 LED lights that remain on for about 10 seconds after you have pulled the trigger. On the other hand, the lights will remain glowing while you work for optimal visibility. Typically, the trigger must be at the same angle as the machine. The trigger helps to ensure there is a twisting of a device. If you are not using the single Dewalt impact driver, you will be using the multiple speeds. The gear that helps the user switch from one rate to another is found below the grip. This is just on a flat surface. In contrast to an impact wrench, the impact driver must offer high torque compared to speed. In a like manner, if the impact driver is higher, the rate will also be higher.


  1. Disassemble

After using the Dewalt impact driver, you can tell how easy it is when using it. Once you haveto use it, you need to know the best way of disassembling it. The first thing which you need to do is to ensure the revolution is complete. Switch the button at the middle to the side to lock the spindle and then place the finger on the bit body and rotate it anticlockwise. You can use the rag to clean off any grit from the impact driver and the bit. The bit will require to be returned to the specific bit set. After that, you need to look for a place where it will be cool. Once it has become cool, return it to the box and keep the environment you are working on it clean and the box out of the reach of children. At this point, you will be sure of the security of your children.


  1. Enjoy the use

The Dewalt impact driver is known as the most reliable tool you must have in your house. However, if used correctly, the user may be able to use it for a long time and enjoy its service. At this point, you will be sure of how to use the Dewalt impact driver with straightforward steps. Once you follow them, you will be in a position to enjoy the best work it will offer you. Therefore, this article is useful for those who wish to manage their device properly. At this point you will be in the better position on how to use a Dewalt impact driver.



The Dewalt impact drivers are crucial tools that you can buy because of their versatility. They are ideal for different jobs, like building decks, installing the tile backer board, screwing down plywood, or any other work that requires driving the long screws into the wood. They are dedicated tools, which make work easier. Typically, there is the handed chuck that works reliably with the bit that changes to ensure a smooth job. The LED light, on the other hand, makes it easy to work in dark areas because it helps to illuminate those places. Essentially, this article explains how to use the Dewalt impact driver. Typically, the steps have been well described that will make the users ensure there is no accident occurring, and there is no bit that can break or the component of a tool. With this impact driver, you can operate it comfortably for a long time, and will make your job easier.


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