how to use a black and decker Cordless Screwdriver

How To Use Black And Decker Cordless Screwdriver

how to use black and decker Cordless ScrewdriversThe black and decker screwdriver is the important tool which is designed for screwdriver applications. There is nothing that can beat it when it comes to removing or installing screws with this tool. It has an automatic shaft lock that improves control when starting or stopping screws. Also, it has a reverse and forward button for easy screwing and removal of screws. There is the textured set that offers a firmer grip and more secure control of the screwdriver. It comes with a charger and a battery that lasts at least an hour at a time.

Unlike many other screwdrivers, the black and decker screwdriver has a narrow tip so you can use it in tight or small spaces. This tool is excellent for installing curtains, assembling furniture, and other quick housework. Ultimately, when you have small daily chores around the house to complete, the black and decker screwdriver is the ideal tool to use. However, using a decker cordless screwdriver is not as easy as you think, but the following detailed guide simplifies it for you. Here is how to use a black and decker cordless screwdriver.

1. Charge the battery pack

Please charge the battery thoroughly before use but be careful not to overcharge it. To charge, insert the charger’s plug into the connector while ensuring that the head is in position. Plugin the charger to the mains and then switch on. It takes around three to six hours for the screwdriver to be fully charged.

The battery should not be charged in temperatures below four degrees Celsius or above forty degrees Celsius. In charging, the battery may become warm, but that does not indicate a problem. The charger should be unplugged and the screwdriver disconnected from the charger before using it.

The screwdriver should not be exposed to wet conditions or rain to prevent the risk of an electric shock. Only the charger specified by the manufacturer should be used to avoid battery damage and reduce the risk of fire and injury.

2. Fit the screwdriver bit

Before assembly, the battery pack should be removed from the screwdriver. Pull back the sleeve that holds the bit and then insert the bit shaft. Once the rod is well inserted into the bit holder, release the holder sleeve. To prevent unintentional starting, always make sure the switch is in the off position before carrying, picking up, or connecting the screwdriver to the source of power.

Any adjusting wrench or key should be removed before the screwdriver is turned on. Attached adjusting key or wrench attached to the rotating part may cause injury. The power cord should never be used for unplugging the screwdriver from the power source or pulling it to prevent cord damage.

3. Adjust the head

The black and decker screwdriver bit can be set into varying positions to ensure optimum versatility. The head adjustment button should be pressed, and then the head should be swiveled into the desired position. Once the lead is swiveled, automatically, the button locks itself into place.

4. Select the operation mode

how to use a black and decker Cordless Screwdriver

When one wants to drive in screws, the switch should be slide into the screw symbol. The torque collar should then be rotated until the needed torque setting is attained.  For drilling purposes, the button should be slide to the drill symbol position, and the torque collar turned to align the marking with the symbol.

5. Set the desired torque

The black and decker screwdriver comes with a collar for torque setting when tightening screws. Hard workpiece materials and large screws need higher torque than soft workpiece materials and small screws. In case you do not know the right torque setting, set the collar to the lowest setting and then drive in the screw and tighten it.

In case the needed result is not achieved, and the clutch ratchets, increase the torque setting by rotating the collar and then tighten the screw. The process should be repeated until the needed result is achieved, and the torque setting can then be used for the remaining screws. Higher torque settings should not be used when you are not sure of the appropriate torque setting.

6. Choose the direction of rotation

For tightening screws and drilling, the forward clockwise rotation should be used. On the other hand, when removing a jammed drill or loosening screws, the reverse counterclockwise cycle should be used. In case you want to switch the screwdriver into the clockwise rotation, press the upper button on the switch for the forward or reverse. In the same way, to change the screwdriver into the counterclockwise rotation, the lower button on the forward and reverse switch should be pressed. To switch off the screwdriver, release the control.

how to use black and decker Cordless Screwdriver

7. Use the tape measure

It is possible to operate the tape measure while it is stored in the screwdriver. Furthermore, it is possible to lock the tape distance using the switch. Nevertheless, avoid letting the tape jump back while rewinding it. The release button should be pressed for the tape measure removal and the tape measure taken from the storage. Likewise, insert the tape measure into the repository and then push it to restore it.

8. Lighting

The black and decker screwdriver is equipped with an LED that provides additional lighting to help narrow, hard-to-reach places. The LED is switched on by sliding the switch forward and switched off by sliding the button backward. For safety purposes, the LED should not be used as the only light source when operating the screwdriver.

9. Drill

Light pressure should be applied in a straight line, and the pressure decreased just before the tip of the drill breaks the other side. In case of workpieces that seem to splinter, a backup of a woodblock should be used. If drilling holes of large diameter in wood, spade bits should be used in case of metal drilling, use HSS drill bits. In a like manner, when drilling soft masonry, use masonry drill bits, and a lubricant should be used when drilling metals apart from brass and cast iron. For accuracy, the center punch should be used to make an indentation at the center of the hole.

10. Drive the screws

Ensure that you use the right size and type of screwdriver bit, and in case the screws are hard to tighten, apply some soap or washing liquid to lubricate. Always hold the screwdriver and the screwdriver bit in a straight line concerning the screw. Drill a pilot hole that has equal depth to the screw length when screwing in wood. The pilot hole helps in preventing wood distortion or splintering by guiding the screw. If hardwood drilling, you need to drill a clearance hole with a depth that has the length like that of half of the screw.


The most comfortable and most convenient way of screwdriver and screw removal is by using a black and decker screwdriver. It is a robust tool with optimum versatility with selectable operating mode and adjustable head. The rechargeable battery makes it convenient for indoor and outdoor use, with the LED additional lighting making it appropriate for narrow places.

With the torque setting collar, it is possible to attain different torque settings that suit the application. With minimum maintenance, the black and decker screwdriver can operate for a long time. However, continuous satisfactory operation mainly depends on how you use the screwdriver. Hopefully, the above step by step guide will help you on how to use a black and decker screwdriver.


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