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How To Use A Table Saw Safely

Table SawIf you are working with wood, you require the table saw, which is simple to operate. You can do many more things with it than any other cutting tool because it ensures more accuracy. It is more versatile than a circular saw since it allows you to change the wood’s size.

You often need this table saw when installing siding and frames and making cabinets. It is essential to know the operation instructions for the table saw as it can be a bit dangerous if you do not follow the instructions correctly.

This means you need to use it safely. For instance, you must wear eye and ear protection. The dress must be tight for all work types, such as mechanics, woodworking, and more. There is the power switch surrounded by a round table where you need to turn it on with the finger before you start to work. Here are the steps on how to use a table saw safely.

  1. Use all safety equipment before starting

When shopping for the new table saw, it is likely to come with the blade guard, anti-kickback pawls, and riving knife. This can appear overwhelming, but they are essential for safety when you want to start learning how to use a table saw. As you gain more experience, you may slowly begin to remove some safety equipment to perform the intricate cut. However, always have the riving knife installed to avoid kickback and severe injury.

Kickback occurs when the workpiece bends, twist, or turn in the cut’s center and is no longer parallel to a blade. This may cause the blade teeth to stick to the wood and force it to reject it. When the blade spins at incredible speed, you may imagine the force used to fling a piece of wood.

A riving knife prevents this and the workpiece from twisting, bending, or turning during a cut. The anti-kickback pawls act like a safety system to the digging and riving knife into a work piece as it retracts and stops before the blade pulls the wood back.

  1. Invest in the best push stick

About 88% of all the table saw injuries are related to contact with the saw blade. It is vital to use the push stick as much as possible to keep your hands away from the saw blade possible while cutting. Also, you should invest in the best pushrod as well, as the ones which come with the table saw. Typically, something like this helps you to apply the force to a larger area of ​​the workpiece, whereas most of the push sticks come with the table saw to allow you to apply pressure only to a small corner of the table saw.

  1. Always use a miter gauge or fence when cutting.

Each table saw model like Dawalt, Shop Fox, and Bosch has the rip fence. It is a long block, which runs parallel to a blade. If you need to make the rip cut, you need to push the workpiece into a rip fence. This allows the workpiece to slide on a blade at a parallel angle. The rip cuts occur when you cut the wood lengthwise.

Likewise, make sure you use the miter gauge to make cross cuts or cut wood widthwise. In many cases, some table saws have a miter gauge; however, you may need to purchase it separately if the table saw does not have it. The rip fence and the miter gauge prevent the workpiece from twisting or binding in the cut center. In the long run, this will help to avoid a possible kickback. Moreover, the miter gauge and the rip fence help you make perfectly straight cuts.

How To Use A Table Saw Safely

  1. Practice a cut before performing it

Obtaining the required safety gear and equipment is one thing but using a saw properly is another thing. Before starting any amount, you need to be sure to practice and visualize them well. If the workpiece slides over the table saw blade, you will need to readjust the hands. This is where you need to put them in the right position.

If you do not place them correctly, you can cut or injure yourself. It is necessary to practice and visualize these cuts in advance. Imagine what a cutting process will be like and where to place the push stick and your hand. Make sure to practice the movements throughout the cutting process so that you’re ready. Once you get used to it, you may proceed to a real cut. Ensure the table saw is switched off during exercise. You can get injured if you practice with the running blade.

5. Remember that the table saw is still dangerous

Although it is a good idea to remove some of the safety features from a table saw as you gain experience, you should handle it carefully. The table saw remains to be the machine that has no intelligence. Typically, this means that even if you are the most experienced, it can hurt you.

You should always treat your table saw with care and respect. Many people feel very comfortable with it when they gain more experience. Even if it is not an offense, you need to be very careful, even though you are satisfied with a table saw.

Always remember that this device is not user-friendly even if you are experienced. Therefore, no one wants to see you daring at it. The table saw is the power tool that needs to be handled with the utmost care, even if you are professionals.

  1. Do not forget about ear protection

Ear protection is another crucial piece of equipment that should not be left behind. Always use it when using the table saw, when cutting hard materials. When talking about ear protection, it can either be ear plugs or earmuffs. Whatever your choice, be sure to provide the necessary protection for the eardrum.


Hopefully, the table saw is no longer a scary tool. Once you understand the basics of how to use the table saw, it becomes a useful tool. All you need to do is learn how to use a table saw safely. We hope this article will help you become familiar with all the steps required.


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