How To Use A Cordless Screwdriver As A Drill

How To Use A Cordless Screwdriver As A Drill

How To Use A Cordless Screwdriver As A DrillDriving the screw is an easy task, but, unexpectedly, something can go wrong. Although using the cordless screwdriver seems straightforward, many people don’t understand what it is for. Splitting the broken screws, board, and stripping the screw head are some of the most common problems driving the screw.

However, if you use the correct technique, you will avoid any of these problems. There are many questions that people ask on how to use a cordless screwdriver like a drill. Although they may look similar, there are many differences when you are using it as a drill. When it is informed of a drill, you can use it to make the furniture. There are simple techniques that you can use to make everything run smoothly. Using this technique, you will also save time.

Typically, here are the steps on how to use a cordless screwdriver as a drill.

1. Remove the clutch

Almost all the screwdrivers have a clutch, also called a torque control, behind the chuck. The numbers on the clutch indicate how much torque the drill can produce. When the number is high, the twist will be more. Learning how to use a slip clutch properly will help you drive the screw to the correct depth. The clutch controls the torque when the screw is being driven. If the torque exceeds the speed required when setting up, the clutch will retract, and also the chuck will stop rotating.

Cordless ScrewdriverUnderstanding the turning of the slip clutch, it requires little time and practice where you need to start with the average number. For example, if the drill has a clutch setting of about 30, you may set it to 15 and start to drive the screw. And if there is the slipping of the clutch before the screw is completely done, you may rotate the setting of the clutch. When the drill bit tightens the screw intense than it is required, the number of setting will be lower.

The slip clutch with a high speed is generally used to drive large screws, and a slower speed is used to tighten thin and small screws. But you must also take into account the strength of the material to be screwed. If you want to screw a soft material like pine, fir, or cedar, you will need less torque. Alternatively, if you want to use a hardwood like oak, mahogany, or maple, consider using more torque and a higher clutch setting.

2. Use the correct bit

You need to use the correct screwdriver bit that is similar to a screw you plan to use. You will find that the information is being engraved on the bit metal. If you’re not sure about this, you need to hold a bit at a 45-degree angle to the screw. If a screw does not fall and stay in a bit, this is the correct bit for the screw.

The required drill bit’s size depends on the screw size where you need to insert. Generally, the best rule of thumb is to choose the drill bit with the extent smaller than the screw thread width. In this way, the bit of the drill will remove adequate material to prevent the splitting but can leave enough material for the threads of the screw to bite as you push. You may check the size by holding the bit in front of a screw and making sure that the shank of the screw is not thicker.

3. Protect the workpiece

Before you start driving the screw, you may protect the workpiece with the clamps. This prevents the workpiece from slipping during drilling. Because of that, place the scrap board under the workpiece to protect the worktop from damage when using the drill. Also, it protects the fiber from tearing. You need to ensure the drill bit is firmly seated to the screw head. When drilling, you need to apply the pressure on a drill to ensure the bit remains on the screw head.

4. Hold the screw

At times the screw may slip out of the board when driving. To avoid slipping, you need to grip the sides gently and hold until the screw enters the material. This will make the screw have a firm grip when screwing. It will ensure the screw drill to the right position without using much effort and making the board have a longer life. Typically, this will play a significant role when using the cordless screwdriver as a drill.

5. Make the clearance hole

Once you have learned the control method of the slip clutch, you should learn how to drive your screw without cracking the board. You can do this by pre-drilling the hole in the face of the board corresponding to a diameter of a screw. This will be by making the clearance hole on the board by doing it in the right way to ensure all things are okay. The clearance of the hole helps the screw to pass through the board quickly.

How To Use Cordless Screwdriver As A Drill

6. Drill the pilot holes

At this point, you can drill the pilot hole in the base of a board to allow the screw to pass through a board without making any crack. It will make the board sturdy after you have the drill. Also, the board will be smooth and will appear as if no drilling has been made. Drilling the pilot holes will be an essential step when using the cordless screwdriver as a drill. With this, you will be in a better position.

7. Use the magnetic bit tip holder

Magnetic bit tip holder lets you easily change tips to get the job done quickly. On the other hand, it helps to enhance the drill bit’s length. With the magnetic bit tip holder, it will also help you hold in place the metal screw to drive it efficiently.

8. Look for the Trox head screw

The Trox head screw plays a significant role in offering a better grip and is better than the slotted screws. The Trox star-shaped bits perfectly match the star-shaped screw head. Typically, it becomes easier to handle the Trox screw as there is no need to use the pressure to hold a screw in place.


I hope the above steps on using the cordless screwdriver as a drill will be of significant importance to you. However, before you start, you need to check whether the cordless screwdriver you are using is working correctly. As you have seen, in many cases, it is possible to use a cordless screwdriver as the drills. With those steps, you will be in a better position to use it as a drill.

Besides, if you’re looking for a tool that is useful in many various situations, this is the reason why the cordless screwdriver can be the best option. Irrespective of which power tool you may choose, you need to choose the right tool and ensure your research before investing in the lesser-known brand.

The most important thing is never to forget wearing safety gear when using the cordless screwdriver to avoid unwanted accidents. In the case of this screwdriver, you need the tool with an excellent warranty to make you satisfy if the fault happens within a specific time.


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