How To Use A Chainsaw To Cut Down A Tree Safely

ChainsawA chainsaw is a very powerful tool used for a wide variety of activities. If you are properly trained, you can use this power to cut down trees in your garden or other wooded places. A chainsaw is a tree-cutting device originally developed to help clear forest areas. It has become the best versatile tool for any homeowner or contractor who wants to maintain their property.

A chainsaw is typically used to cut large logs or trees into smaller sections. It can be done to build wooden structures like house decks and platforms, fence posts, firewood, patio furniture, and more. Also, the chainsaw can be used to get rid of branches that may grow too close to the roads, power lines, or other places where they could cause property damage or injury.

Even though it is likely to cut trees with bare hands with a perfect axe, many people go for the chainsaw because it’s more convenient and safer.

Types of chainsaws

Nowadays, there are many chainsaw types, and they’re becoming more efficient. Most of them are efficient enough to cut down small trees around the house and even the larger trees. However, before cutting down a large tree, you need to have a good clue of ​​what you are undertaking.

Chainsaws have a proposed range of cutting range for cutting down trees. The 18″chainsaw bar can cut a tree diameter of 36″. This is about twice as long as the length of the chainsaw. Larger chainsaws might do a little further 2.5 times the diameter. Most consumer chainsaws exceed 24 inches, while the professional ones can be 42 inches or more.

  1. Electric chainsaw

The electric chainsaw is the best option if you stay in the countryside far from power lines. A reciprocating saw with a 10 to 12-inch blade would be useful for cutting down trees. The electric chainsaw is simple to use but is generally smaller and less efficient than gas-powered saws. However, if you want a chainsaw that can do lighter work, the electric model is the best option.

  1. Gasoline chainsaw

A gasoline chainsaw becomes the best choice for safely cutting down small trees if you can access the power line. This is because it is versatile and more efficient than electric chainsaws. You can also buy the gasoline models, which can work on alternative fuels such as kerosene or propane.

How To Use A Chainsaw To Cut Down A Tree Safely

Safety instructions when using the chainsaw to cut down a tree safely

The weight and size are easy to underestimate, particularly when it gets larger, but it can weigh some hundred pounds, and the chainsaw can destroy the garages, swimming pools, fences, and even a house. So you need to wear the right protective gear when cutting.

Here is the list of safety equipment that should always be used when cutting down a tree safely.

  • Chainsaw chaps
  • Chainsaw gloves
  • Chainsaw helmet

Steps on how to use a chainsaw to cut down a tree safely

  1. Personal safety

When utilizing the chainsaw, personal safety becomes very important. Always wear the right personal protective equipment that includes:

  • Steel toe boots to protect against the falling objects like twigs
  • Leather gloves to avoid cracking and nail damage
  • Hearing protection to lessen the danger of hearing loss
  • Eye protection to protect eyes from the wood chips
  • Helmet, preferably with a visor, to protect against flying objects like debris or twigs
  • Respiratory protection if you work in a dusty or particulate area

Using Chainsaw To Cut Down A Tree Safely

  1. Inspection of the chainsaw

Inspect the chainsaw for damage or wear sign before use. Check for cracks in the chainsaw flange, saw housing, loose nuts and bolts, and loose screws. Machinery Fast offers reliable, professional chainsaws for your desires. Do not purchase a used chainsaw because you do not know how it has been serviced. Also, check the electric cord for breakage and the oil tank for cracks.

  1. Consider your environment

Before you try to cut down the tree, make sure there are no obstacles in the area, like loose branches or rocks. Ensure there are no electric lines closed. If you cut down a tree near your home, falling objects can damage your home or injure the people inside.

After you have purchased the necessary protective equipment, you need to choose the direction the tree will fall. Bring or attach warning signs to good locations where you suspect a tree will fail to protect those driving or walking in the fall area, especially if there’s a sidewalk or a tree in the fall area.

Predicting a fall area is easy to measure a tree, but a taller tree can become increasingly difficult to predict. Distance is difficult to assess with the naked eye, especially when it comes to height. Therefore, try to overestimate to get more space than necessary.

If the tree is tilting in a certain way, it is often a good idea to drop it in that direction whenever possible, as it can be very difficult to change the direction of the tree to fall.

When choosing the direction, the tree will fall, make sure the chainsaw fits well in the area you require. For instance, other water, rocks, trees, or other objects can block access to the site to be sawn. In this situation, you need to check your fall area.

  1. Organize to cut down a tree

Ensure the chainsaw has sufficient fuel to run for some minutes before you start it up. Once the chainsaw has cooled, let it run for a minute before you begin cutting down the tree. Essentially, make sure you have enough oil in your chainsaw. Pour ½ to 3/4 liters of oil into the fresh oil tank of your chainsaw. Different kinds of chainsaws use various oil levels; however, this amount is generally sufficient.

  1. Plan a felling direction

The small trees must be cut down to fall away from home or any area where there may be people. Ensure the cut tree does not hit the power lines whenever it falls over another structure—the felling wedge help to show the desired direction of felling. You can also cut down the tree by seeing in the opposite direction to the intended felling direction.

How To Use A Chainsaw To Cut Down Tree Safely

  1. Escape route

Before you start cutting down a tree, strategize the escape route. Make sure you get to a safe place without injuring yourself when cutting down a tree. Because cut trees often break when they fall on the ground, be sure to plan another escape route out of the reach of pieces of a tree that may fall first.

The escape route is a place to run to when a tree falls, and you need to plan this route well in advance. The escape route is recommended to take you 120 degrees from the course of the tree falling. This path should be free from debris so that you can pass as fast as possible to avoid danger.

  1. Cut the front face

Keep your chainsaw stable and the footing safe. Start at the top left edge of the tree face’s front face. Cut down with even strokes and continue until you create a four-inch deep notch. Fill the hole by making some vertical cuts at 1 inch apart on each side of the crack, beginning at the base of the crack.

  1. Cut the back face

Cut out the back face and then begin the second cut from the back of the tree, about 1 inch below the initial cut. This is about 90 degrees downward the cut, equivalent to the original cuts. Once you have completed the back cut, the tree must fall easily when you start cutting it down with a chainsaw.

  1. The tree stump

The stump must remain on the ground if the tree felling is done. Typically, this will prevent debris from accumulating at the bottom of a trunk and prevent termites from getting into the property. Put some large pieces of wood or bricks near the stump to make it remain upright when you cut it with the chainsaw.

  1. Cut the stump if necessary

Cut the stump using a chainsaw from the center to the sides to prevent kickbacks. Start at the upper of a stump and then cut downwards till you reach a place where the saw blade has no resistance. Note that cutting down a tree, which is small using a chainsaw, is recommended by a qualified and trained person. However, if you are unfamiliar with using a chainsaw, do not try to cut down the tree.


Using the chainsaw to cut down a tree safely is very efficient. This is made to easily, quickly, and efficiently cut down a tree. A small tree can be cut in a few minutes using a chainsaw, while cutting with axes or other hand tools can take many hours or days. Choosing the right chainsaw type for your requirements is significant when cutting down a tree. After reading this article, you must know more about cutting a tree safely using a chainsaw.


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