How To Remove Bit From Dewalt Impact Driver

How To Remove Bit From Dewalt Impact Driver

How To Remove Bit From A Dewalt Impact DriverThe Dewalt impact drivers are the most important tools anyone who works on the pipes, plasters, metal, wood, and other surfaces are supposed to have. Remodeling, plumbing, carpentry, and many other jobs require these tools. But what exactly does the Dewalt impact drivers need when carrying out the job? You need the bits, which are crucial tools to have which go hand in hand with these impact drivers. The bits are the cutting tool that rotates clockwise to form holes on the surface of the material. They come in different sizes and shapes, which makes you create various types of holes in other materials.

When you want to drill the holes, you need to attach them to the drill that powers them when cutting the surface. Typically, removing the bit from the Dewalt impact driver becomes easy when you rotate it repeatedly. With the modern driver, the process becomes easier irrespective of having the key or the keyless bit. To drill different surfaces, the user must equip the driver with different types of bits. This variation is also crucial when forming various types of holes on a surface. When it comes to removing the bit from the Dewalt impact driver, many beginners have trouble. If you are sure of the exact steps you are to follow, you need to be careful to make sure everything is successful. Here is how to remove a bit from the Dewalt impact driver.


  1. Remove the retaining ring

When you want to remove the bit from the Dewalt impact driver, you need to loosen the end of the snap ring by prying up it out with the small screwdriver. At this point, you can then remove the retaining ring from a drill.


  1. Loosen up the chuck

There is a mechanism called a chuck that holds the bit. If you want to replace the existing bit with the new one, you have to loosen it. The process consists of loosening the chuck and simply turning it anti-clockwise. Turn the chuck with your fingers with firm pressure until you remove the older bit. Remember to hold a trigger as you hold the chuck. Once this is done, the clamp jaws will hold a bit. Remove the chuck collar, flash washer, and the spring. There is the ball bearing in a driver‘s anvil. It is unnecessary to remove the bearing, but you need to be cautious not to lose it. Once the bearing tension is removed, you can remove the chuck by tapping the driver on a bench to remove the broken driver bit. Typically, this will be the extra step of removing the bit from the Dewalt impact driver.


  1. Take a piece

After loosening the chuck, you will see the bit wobbling. If the chuck is loosened by using the keyhole, the bit may fall off on its own. Therefore, work on a surface that will catch a bit if this happens. Once this is done, you will simply hold with your fingers the bit pull it out. If the bit does not come out, you should hold it with the thumb and the forefinger to remove it from a chuck without resistance.


On the other hand, if you feel there is any resistance, verify if you have to use the key in the required chuckholes. If the bit has already been used, do not hold it with your bare fingers as it is very hot. In these cases, wear gloves or something else to protect the fingers if possible. You can hold it up as long as it is cool enough.


  1. Take a new bit you want to set up

At this point, you need to choose the correct bit in terms of size. If this is done correctly, place the part of the bit, which is smooth on the jaw of the Dewalt impact driver. The soft part is actually what would go into the chuck. Press the bit into the chuck with the smooth part of the jaws’ bit and pull it towards you. Typically, the length which will form when you pull should not exceed one centimeter.


  1. Install the chuck

Once you have taken a new bit that you want to set up, install the chuck. You need to slide a collar in the right place and then add the flat washer and the spring.


  1. Tighten the chuck

You need to hold the bit with a non-dominant hand when tightening the chuck. Do not release the bit before tightening the jaws, as it may become very loose and fall off from the chuck. Hold the key tool with your dominant hand. Start with the keyholes of the chuck, insert the key, and align the key teeth with the teeth of the hole. After that, rotate the key clockwise until it is tight. Repeat the process with the other keyholes if the Dewalt impact driver has them. After tightening the chuck, hold your fingers and pull the bit to make sure it is safe.

How To Remove Bit From Dewalt Impact Driver

  1. Install a retaining ring

At this point, use the screwdriver to snap the end of a retaining ring. Use another screwdriver or the finger to complete installing the retaining ring.


  1. Press the trigger

When you want to tighten the bit’s position in place, you are required to give a trigger with a few shots. This may be done by pressing the trigger for about 1-3 seconds. At the end of this step, hold the chuck with your other hand, and this helps the bit to remain in place. The importance of holding the bit and the chuck is that the bit can be installed directly.


  1. Check for the ratchet mechanism

Some of the Dewalt impact drivers have the ratchet mechanism, which is installed in the bits. In this case, you will need to work with a ratchet mechanism to make sure the bit is even stronger. To create this mechanism, you must vigorously rotate the ratchet along with the chuck of a bit. Once you hear a click sound, you will know it is in place. For you to engage the ratcheting mechanism, you need to twist it firmly close to a chuck. You are required to understand that the twisting is supposed to occur in a clockwise direction.



The bit is the cutting tool from the Dewalt impact driver used to remove the material and create the holes, forming a circular shape. The above steps will be important to help you understand how to remove the bit with any type of Dewalt impact driver. In this case, you need to familiarize yourself with the whole process because it will appear easily in the future. If the driver has a key mechanism, there is a need to keep it where needed. Also, it needs to be a place where you can access the chuck when you are removing the bit. This is the easiest and most common way of removing the bit, which you can do yourself. Likewise, there is an alternative method that includes using the chuck key. So, if your Dewalt impact driver has one, you may need to incorporate the chuck case for you to get it done.


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