How To Fix Impact Driver

How To Fix Impact Drivers

Impact driverImpact drivers are the crucial tools that have fantastic benefits, for they are frequently used nowadays in different areas. Regardless of how well impact drivers are maintained, at one point, they malfunction and develop faults due to the kind of task they are subjected to. It becomes essential to know how to fix an impact driver problem to get the best result from the driver.

Once the impact driver reveals any error, it is imperative to repair it immediately to avoid a devastating future situation. To fix the impact driver, one has to be well equipped with all the necessary tools. Make sure that the battery is charged and accurately inserted before starting the repairing process. In most cases, fixing an impact driver is not a straightforward task and proves to be confusing to many people. Hopefully, the below step by step guide will provide the needed information and procedure on how to fix impact drivers without necessarily having professional skills.

Assemble the required tools

The most commonly needed tools include a screwdriver magnetizer, socket, equipment extractor, and a torque wrench shaft. However, the tools required will mainly differ according to the problem the impact driver reveals. Just like any other mechanism, impact drivers come in different brands and models, and the procedure of fixing them may slightly differ.

How To Fix Impact Driver

Disassemble the impact driver

Before disassembly, make sure that the battery is charged and well inserted, as this is the most common reason why an impact driver may fail to operate. In the case of a stuck control switch, you will not need to disassemble the impact driver but toggle the switch back and forth to reset the mechanism. Check for stone materials and sawdust that may have collected in the control switch over time, lodging the cracks.

Disassembly is one of the most critical steps that must be done correctly and carefully to avoid injury and avoid damaging the impact driver. Once you have fully disassembled the impact driver, put your hands in the position of S and R pliers of the driver and take away the ring. After this, remove the metal ball, sleeve, compression planting, and the flat washing machine.

Bent the internal lock mechanism

Remove the battery from the impact driver and pull apart carefully the handle’s two sides, one holding the impact driver internal mechanism and the other one with the cover. In case pulling apart, the handle is difficult; it indicates sawdust collected and prevents the opening. However, you need to pull it apart, so just be gentle and slowly pull it apart. Proceed and remove the control piece made of plastic, and then use a vice to ensure you keep the piece in the right position. Use a heat gun to make the plastic control piece malleable by warming it up but be extra careful not to melt it.

Then straighten the control piece guard using needle-nose pliers, after which you should replace the handle’s other side and the control switch once straight. Finally, insert the battery pack back and then do the triggers test in each direction.

Hammer case

It is the step that needs one to be extra careful and attentive because you have to remove the LED and the PT3 * 10 screws from the casing. Once you have managed to remove the screws and the LED, proceed and remove the stopper and then separate the bumper. Most importantly, remember to disconnect the bit holder before doing all this. When assembling, no technicality is required but only performing the same procedure in the reverse order.

Housing section

It is impossible to know the issue and repair it without removing all the parts and ensuring that the inner body is visible clearly. The following order has to be followed when detaching the parts. Detach the carbon brushes and then proceed and remove the 4M4 * 12 screws. To facilitate the removal of the internal gear case, remove the 8 PT3 *16 tapping screws.

After removing these screws, it is possible to detach the internal electric parts. Proceed and detach the engine part and finally detach the yoke and the framework. In case you need to reassemble at this point, you need to follow the same procedure in the reverse way only that you need to be careful when placing the drive. Notably, the housing would only be joined with the engine only when the drive completes the framework.

How To Fix Impact Drivers

Replace the impact driver chuck

In case the chuck is jammed or worn out, the entire chuck of the impact driver needs to be removed and replaced. However, if it is a bit that breaks off inside the impact driver’s chuck, the chuck needs to be removed, and then the stuck bit removed, after which the chuck is reinstalled. Use a small screwdriver and a pick to pry the retaining spring one end and then pry it away from the impact driver.

Proceed and remove the spring, chuck collar, and the flat washer and take note of the ball bearing located inside the impact driver’s anvil. Although the ball bearing does not need to be removed, take extra caution not to lose it in the process. With the tension taken away from the ball bearing, the impact driver can now be tapped on the workbench to remove the bit. Typically, that is broken inside the driver if that is the reason for chuck removal.

After this, you can slide the collar into its place and then add a flat washer and the spring. To install the retaining ring, you should use a screwdriver to snap one of its ends and then use a finger or another screwdriver to finish installing the retaining spring. Besides, the impact driver chuck may be loose, and once the bit is inserted into the driver’s chuck, it does not remain in place. Ensuring that this is not the case and that the accessory bit is attached correctly, the shank should be pressed into the impact driver chuck.

Check for the LED light not turn off

In case there is a wiring fault or wire shortage, the LED light may stay on at all times. After disassembly, you can try to check for a possible wire shortage or worn out insulator. However, a service part has to be ordered if this is the case. With this step you will be in a better position on how to fix drivers.

Spindle section and hammer system

Finally, you have to set the hammer system. This phase needs you to switch the spindle handle and then detach the metal balls using the screwdriver.


In conclusion, this guide provides detailed information on impact driver fixing procedures, and you will handle everything yourself and save money. Depending on the problem being fixed, you may need to impact driver disassembly. For more technical issues, you need to request professional assistance from a mechanic. Remember, the customer cannot service some parts, and replacement parts need to be ordered from the manufacturer. In most cases, the impact driver fails to operate due to a wrongly inserted or discharged battery pack, and this should be the first thing to check before deciding to disassemble. Most importantly, do not ignore the manufacturer’s instructional manual on how to fix impact drivers.


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