How To Cut Quarter Round With A Miter Saw

How To Cut Quarter Round With A Miter Saw

How To Cut Quarter Round With A Miter Saw

What is the miter saw?

It is the type of saw which helps to make miters and crosscuts on wood or different materials. This saw is essentially large and on the stand. Usually, it cuts by pulling a saw down over a material. The miter saw primarily makes the angled cuts for molding purposes and trimming. You can use it to make a wide range of angled cuts, which makes the miter saw a versatile tool that adds

Quarter round cutting is used in different trimming projects and can may a lovely finish in most rooms. The quarter round has two sides that form a 90-degree angle, and where a third part is a curve, which is equal to a quarter of a complete circle. It is a long trim consisting of flexible lengths, essentially made of wood, oak, hemlock, pine, MDF, and polystyrene. Not only is this a very affordable way to get a great cut, but it is also relatively easy to trim and invest in for the majority of DIYers and homeowners.

Since corners can seem challenging to care about, you can efficiently and correctly cut the quarter round for door jams, corners, and joints with extra maintenance. If you want a 90-degree angle, adjust the miter saw to a 45-degree angle. Joint cuts should helpon behalf of a total angle. Be sure to change the course of the saw while working on different parts. Do this off-the-door jamb for the cleanest cut. Also, make the end cap with a quarter round from a scrap.

What is the quarter round cut?

The quarter round cut is typically a cut with the miter saw and, at times, a miter box too. This is the old-fashioned cut, which people use the miter saw, but it may take more knowledge and skill to get it right. You can define a quarter round like the convex molding form. If you are looking at a cross-section, it seems like a quarter circle, therefore giving it a name of a quarter round. To attain this cut, you must work at a definite angle in the exact direction.

Quarter round is typically used to design the element for purposes. In this case, you will see it placed on mantles and baseboards, and other architectural pieces. A quarter round is usually used against a baseboard to cover different gaps on the floor and then add the decorative finish. You can make or find a quarter round in multiple material types. You are not restricted to wood, even though this is what you will see to most of it.

The materials you will need to cut quarter round with a miter saw

Choose your materials or wood to correlate with the environments it can be used in. To cut a quarter round, you’re required to make the measuring, and this will be achieved by having the proper accessories and tools. This also leads to more accurate cuts. You must have access to the miter saw and the marking and measuring and tools top.

Regardless of this, the quarter round is cut at the angle where the common angle being used for the quarter round is 45 ̊.You need a miter saw, carpenter pencil, quarter round molding, measuring tape, tri square, protective earplugs, eyewear, gloves, miter box, nails, hammer, pin nailer, and air compressor.

How To Cut Quarter Round With Miter Saw

How to cut quarter round with a miter saw ( step by step )

1. Prepare and measure

Like other projects, you should always start with accurate measurements. To estimate a total length of a quarter round, you will need room to work by measuring the walls’ base to which you will attach the molding. Use a tape measure to get the correct length and move that measurement on the top of a quarter round and mark it with a carpenter’s pencil. Leave an extra foot if you find any error, and you may always use these scraps to get the best angles.

You have to be very careful when measuring the pieces, which assemble at the corners. They must be incised to the right direction, angle, and length so that they fit perfectly. Constantly double and also triple the measurements. The outcome of the cutting is directly related to the correct size. Keeping that in mind, you need to be as cautious and precise as possible so that the cut is accurate.

Here are the easy measurement steps to direct you through preparing a measurement.

  • Measure every piece of a quarter round and then mark the lengths on the back.
  • Start in the corner of a room.
  • When marking the materials, straighten them with a triangle or a square.
  • Draw a line on an additional piece of wood to get which way the line will be cut.
  • Mark as well as to measure the whole room this way.

Extra tips for measuring the quarter round

These are just some tips to implement and consider through the quarter round measurement process.

  • Begin by measuring from the inside or outside corner of the edge of each room. This can be where you cut the quarter round in the back room.
  • Mark the measurements at the back of the quarter round to prevent visible markings.
  • The recommended way of marking each piece is utilizing a tri triangle and a straight line.
  • Mark the vertical side line to separate the additional piece of wood. This lets you know precisely which side of a line to cut.

 2. Determine the direction and angle of cuts

Because a quarter round ends at a keystone, door jamb, or corner, it is almost acut at an angle. In most cases, this angle is around 45 degrees. For the joints, cut both parts at a 45-degree angle in the direction, which is the same. These pieces fit jointly to form the straight line on a wall.

In the corners, most are 90 degrees. In this case, cut the edges at 45 degrees but opposite. One is angled to the right and the other one to the left. It would be best to use the protractor to measure all angles that aren’t 90 degrees. After that, divide that number by two to determine the accurate angle for the cuts. If the molding ends at the doorjamb, use a 45-degree miter cut and restart a quarter round.

Quarter Round Cut With A Miter Saw

3. Cutting a quarter round with a miter saw

As important as getting the right measurement, setting the blade to the correct angle is essential. To do this, you need to place the end of a quarter round piece in the miter box. This is like how it is mounted on the walls’ base and secured with the pins. The back of the molding is firmly fixed and aligned against the fence. Specify the slot which matches the angle to be cut.

Precise cutting involves holding the miter saw with the dominant hand and holding the box with the non-dominant hand. Start applying the pressure using the miter saw and move it back and forth on a molding until the cut is complete.

4. Cutting the quarter round returns

For the quarter round molding to fit in the door jamb correctly, the quarter round returns need to be cut using a miter saw. Measure the correct size by inserting a quarter round piece against the wall and making the marks specify where the molding meets the obstruction. After placing the quarter round piece on the miter saw and securing it using the pins, you need to cut it at an angle of 45 degrees away from a door jamb. Then it would be best if you created an end cap.

In doing this, take another scrap or small piece of quarter round and then place it in a miter box. Create the cut at a 45-degree angle, in the other direction to what you just made. Then move the angle of the miter saw to the side and make the straight cut of about 0.25 inches from the previous angle cut. Essentially, this will provide you with the end cap that fits snugly with a long piece of a quarter round.

Safety precautions to keep in mind

Because you’re using the power tool, you must be vigilant and take extra care throughout the activity. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with a miter saw before making quarter round cuts. Read the instruction manual carefully and make many cuts in the scrap material. Always wear the required sturdy work gloves, eye protection, and preferred earplugs. This will protect you while cutting quarter round with a miter saw to prevent any accident that might arise.


Quarter round is straightforward to work with as soon as you get the measurements and the flow going. Typically, it makes people very nervous due to the round shape and since you need an angle to fit together when you progress. If you follow the above tips and steps, we are sure that you will have the quarter round seamlessly cut within no time.


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