How To Cut 45 Degree Angle With A Circular Saw

How To Cut A 45 Degree Angle With A Circular Saw

How To Cut 45 Degree Angle With A Circular SawWhether you want to build a table, garage, frames, or fences, one thing that remains the same is a square seam. And when it comes to making the square joints, you should get a 45-degree angle for those joints. In many workshops or woodworks, you are required to understand how to cut a 45-degree angle with a circular saw. The circular saw is the basic woodworking equipment and allows you to quickly achieve the work you want.

To cut a 45-degree angle with a circular saw can seem like a daunting process, but with some practice and preparation, anyone can do it. It is possible to make two 45-degree with a circular saw. This includes a miter cut and a bevel cut. With this method, you can cut any material such as door panels, baseboards, window trim, and much more. The circular saw is incredibly popular in miter cut, an integral part of joining two pieces of wood carefully cut at a 45° angle.

The success rate in miter cut depends largely on how you prepare. This includes assembling the circular saw (which makes cutting easier), selecting a piece of wood, and maintaining proper safety. You need to wear protective gear like work boots and gloves to prevent accidents. Also, you should check the connection of the circular saw before starting the work. Then prepare a piece of wood, which you want to cut. Typically, the preparation measures the dimensions and determines exactly where you need to cut. The marking guarantees a perfect result.

Materials required to cut a 45 degree angle with the circular saw

  • Sacrificial panel (plywood or MDF)
  • Circular saw
  • Speed ​​square
  • Two clamps
  • Tape
  • Sandpaper or rasp
  • Level or a straight edge

How to cut a 45 degree angle with a circular saw

  1. Set the cutting depth

You must first set the cutting depth. To do this, disconnect a circular saw from a power supply and remove the saw blade. Then fasten the saw on a wood board. Typically, the saw base plate should be adjusted until the saw blade is about ¼ inches deeper than the bottom of the wood board. When the depth is reached, tighten a circular saw depth adjustment lever firmly. Adjusting the lever is easy with a button.

How To Cut A 45 Degree Angle With A Circular Saw

  1. Set up a saw guide

The main idea for getting a right 45 ° angle cut is to correctly set up a saw guide. To do this, first, align a saw blade with a perfectly aligned workpiece. Now carefully place a 45° angle guide and hold the saw guide firmly and accurately. It must be ensured that a saw angle guide does not slip when cutting.

The right way to prevent the guide slippage is using a clamp. After clamping the guide, switch on a curler saw and then check again whether everything is perfectly aligned or not. Occasionally, it may be necessary to place the wood panel slightly differently.

  1. Be careful

Many people make small mistakes before they start a miter cut. You can avoid them quickly if you pay attention to the work. This includes checking the circular saw angle guide setup, saw depth adjustment, and more.

It is also important to ensure that the saw’s base plate is firmly aligned with the edge of a cutting angle. Woodworkers often lift or twist the circular saw sharply, leading to rough cutting and unwanted finishing.

Skil Circular Saw

  1. Hold the circular saw

Make sure you mark the cut line with visibility and perfection. Next, carefully align the saw blade with the cut mark on the piece of wood. Then make sure you slide the speed square in a base plate. It would be best to hold a speed square firmly on a base plate and then make sure it did not move during cutting.

  1. Start cutting

If everything is in perfect condition and neat at this point, it is time to do the first 45 ° angle cut. Switch on a circular saw blade and then wait a while for the module to reach its maximum speed. If you work in a darker area, stitch on the LED light. This is because the circular saws sometimes have built-in LEDs. Now hold the piece of wood directly against the blade after the cut.

Do not push the saw blade very hard. Let the weight of the circular saw blade do its work. If you use the worm drive circular saw, the condition should also be easier. When cutting the other end, ensure the dust collection opening is working properly. Otherwise, you will end up leaking a lot of dirt, and you may have allergy symptoms.

  1. Steadily cut

Once you have started cutting a wood board with a circular saw, you must pay attention to the steadiness of the cutting process. The circular saw blade must not lose contact with a cutting board in any position. A close connection between the base plate and the saw module is essential for a precise and smooth finish. In addition, the alignment of the square and the blade guide must also be accurate.

Firmly hold the saw blade against a wood board without applying excessive pressure until the entire board has been cut at a 45° angle. After cutting the other end of a board, you need to do the same for other purposes. This will give you two 45° angle cuts at each end. Later, you can combine the ends of other boards to ensure different furniture types.

Problems with the miter cuts

Making a miter cut or 45 degree circular saw cut is pretty easy. Of course, many learners use it to attach pieces of wood at an angle. However, miter cuts bring problems that you need to understand regarding the longevity of your furniture. The miter cut is not very sharp and therefore fragile. If you want to combine two different miter cuts, glue does not offer adequate strength at the joints.

Even the screws and nails do not have a permanent effect of sinking the grain completely. Therefore, the joints must be reinforced at a 45-degree cutting angle. You can use pins to reinforce. Professional carpenters sometimes use biscuits, keys, and splines to strengthen miter joints. Also, all of these things serve as decoration. Therefore, when creating the angled joints, be sure to support the area for the longevity of well-made furniture.

Circular Saw

Safety and accuracy tips

A circular saw is essential in setting up both a commercial and a private workshop. Like the learner, you may not know using a circular saw. Nevertheless, if your work revolves around a woodworking industry and you know that the capacity of this saw could work better for you, here are some safety and accuracy tips to keep in mind:

  • Unplug the saw when exchanging the angle of a saw blade.
  • When cutting, you need to use a sharp blade. The sharpening of a circular saw blade is worth the cleanest result.
  • Make sure the depth is fully set before starting the adjustment. This makes it easier to identify the point that can be cut.
  • To avoid injury from kickback, never stand behind or very close to the blade. A kickback occurs when the back of the saw blade grips the wood piece, and the entire saw comes back towards you. Kickback is very dangerous and should be avoided.
  • Use the masking tape before you cut to help reduce splinters.
  • Make sure you place the blade outside the line to ensure the piece you are using is exactly the size you need.
  • Hold it in place when the saw is working, but don’t put it back in place if it breaks down.
  • Excessive force can cause pressure points on the wood.


Why is the circular saw stopping often or not working?

This can happen for some technical reasons. Nevertheless, the major common reason for the circular saw to stop working is the side pressure. Sometimes the saw blade can be subjected to excessive side pressure, causing the saw to jam. Then, it will no longer work.

What are typical cuts with the circular saw?

The circular saw is popular and versatile. The saw can make a crosscut, miter cut, and repeated cut. The saw provides you with excellent precision and smoothness in your work in most cases. And this make the cutting work easier.


A 45° angle cut is crucial in manufacturing furniture for edge joints. While you use the miter saw, a table saw, or a jigsaw for this purpose, the circular saw is ideal for the task. When you understand how to cut a 45degree angle with a circular saw, life as a carpenter becomes comfortable and more relaxed.

Fortunately, cutting wood planks with the circular saw at a 45-degree angle is not rocket science. Making a 45-degree cut is very helpful, especially when working on a do-it-yourself project. If you have never used the circular saw for a 45-degree cut, we hope this guide will be a great help.


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