How To Charge Hyper Tough Cordless Screwdriver

Hyper Tough Cordless ScrewdriverThe hyper tough cordless screwdriver comes with a rechargeable battery making it convenient for indoor and outdoor use. Typically, the battery pack takes around five to seven hours first use charging time with subsequent recharges taking less time. It is advisable to charge the battery before the first use and always recharge the battery once the screwdriver performance reduces.

Also, a hyper tough cordless screwdriver comes with a charger designed for the standard power outlet. It has two indicator lights, green light, and red light. The green light works to indicate the correct charger connection, and the red power light indicates charging. The battery reaches its optimum performance after around five charge and discharge cycles and reduces its ability to hold a charge after many cycles. The procedure of charging a hyper tough cordless screwdriver is not a straightforward task, and it is confusing to many. Below is a general step by step guide on how to charge hyper tough cordless screwdriver.

1. Place the screwdriver on the charging bench

The hyper tough cordless screwdriver has to be handled correctly during the charging process to avoid injury. The screwdriver has insulated surfaces for gripping, and you should hold these surfaces during charging to prevent electric shock. Ensure that the cutting part of the screwdriver does not touch the live wire to prevent electric shock.

It would be best if you do not leave the screwdriver running while charging. The screwdriver is not waterproofed; hence you have to ensure that the charging surface has no water and is not wet. Be careful that the battery terminals do not touch conductive metal objects when charging to prevent short circuits and possibly fire. In carrying the battery, the battery terminals must be well protected and insulated to avoid touching anything that can cause a short circuit.

2. Connect the charger

You need to read and be familiar with the caution markings and use instructions with the battery charger and the corresponding battery pack. For injury risk reduction, it is advisable to use the Hyper Tough battery pack because other battery types may burst. The charger should be kept from harmful elements, mainly snow and rain. Somebody should only use the attachments sold by Hyper Tough or those recommended by hyper tough.

In most cases, other manufacturer attachments will not meet the requirements and may lead to electric shock, injury, or fire. Most important, do not use a different charger other than the one supplied with the screwdriver to prevent screwdriver damage. Only use one charger during charging to avoid screwdriver damage or battery damage. The charger should never be open as there are no inside parts that a customer can service. In case a service is needed, return the charger to hyper tough.

3. Connect the charger to the screwdriver

When disconnecting the charger, never pull it by its cord but rather pull by the plug. The cable should be kept secure and clean, should not be tripped or stepped on to prevent stress or damage to the cord. Keep the cable away from oil, heat, moving parts, or sharp edges, and never use the cable to carry the screwdriver.

Damaged cords need a replacement immediately to prevent the risk of an electric shock. In case there is a need to use an extension cord, the appropriate extension cord prevents the risk of electrocution, fire, or shock. The two-wire cables and the two-wire extension cord is what you have to use. In a like manner, you should use the three-wire cords with a three-wire extension cord.

You only need to use the underwriter’s laboratories, which are listed around the jacketed extension. If any other extension cord is used, it should be manufactured to be used for outdoor purposes. Also, the proper gauge of the extension cord must be used to prevent overheating and power loss. The extension cord with a smaller wire size has a greater capacity than its bigger wire gauze counterpart. The extension cord must at least meet the minimum required wire size.

4. Charge the battery pack

It would be best if you never try to modify or open the battery because the electrolytes released are corrosive and can cause skin and eye damage. Also, the electrolytes are toxic, and swallowing is dangerous. Do not incinerate the battery pack when you want to discard it as it can explode in a fire.

How To Charge Hyper Tough Cordless Screwdriver

There might be small leakage from the battery pack cells when subjected to extreme charging, usage, or certain temperature conditions. Although the little leakage does not mean a failure, take caution that the outer seal does not break. However, if the outer seal breaks and the leakages contact the skin, wash immediately with water and soap.

5. Use a mild acid

Use a mild acid such as vinegar or lemon juice to neutralize. If the liquid in the battery gets into the eyes, the eyes should be flushed with clean water at least for ten minutes and then seek medical attention immediately. Note, the battery liquid contains around 25 to 35 percent potassium hydroxide solution.

Chargers have a design for use with a standard 120 volt AC and 60Hz power, and any other voltage or DC is not suitable. The battery pack needs 5-7 hours to charge fully before the first use, and subsequent recharge only takes around 3-4 hours charging time. For optimum performance and long battery life, the battery needs to charge at an ambient temperature of 5 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius.

Due to heat, the battery loses power as heat is destructive to a battery. If the battery keeps on getting too hot, it will have a shortened life span. The battery pack should never be over-discharged but rather charge it once the screwdriver performance starts to reduce. The battery pack should be allowed to cool down after use before recharging.

6. Set the screwdriver rotation switch

How To Charge Hyper Tough Cordless ScrewdriversThe battery reaches its full performance after charging and discharging for five cycles. Set the screwdriver rotation switch into the neutral position before inserting or removing the battery to ensure no unintentional starting. Insert the battery by merely pushing the pack until the spring clicks.

Connect the adapter to the charging stand and then insert the plug into a 120V current receptacle. The battery pack step comes with negative and positive terminal markings that should be aligned with the markings on the charging stand top and then insert the pack into the base. Once the charger is correctly connected, the green indicator light turns on.

7. Remove the battery pack once the charging is complete

When the battery is correctly inserted and is charging, the red power indicator light turns on. The battery is charged at a normal rate for about 3 to 4 hours, and once the battery is charged fully, the red power indicator light turns off. Once charging is complete, please remove the battery pack immediately from the charging stand and then allow the battery to cool back to its average temperature.


In conclusion, charging a hyper tough cordless screwdriver is not a straightforward task, but with the help of the above guide, it turns to be simple. Remember to allow the battery cool off after charging before you start to use it. Always ensure that the screwdriver rotation switch is in the lock position to avoid an unexpected start that can lead to injury. Only the charger that comes with the screwdriver or one with Hyper Tough recommendation is suitable for use. More importantly, do not ignore the manufacturer’s instructional procedures during the charging process. Equally important, when you want to dispose of the battery, use the appropriate facility, and do not throw it into the standard trash receptacle.


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