Best Circular Saws 2023

Top 10 Best Circular Saws For [2022-2023]

Best Circular Saws 2023A circular saw is a necessary power tool specially for cutting wood. But they are a also very useful tool for cutting many different materials.

They can cut through thick wood, metal, and even stone or concrete. The newer versions of these tools are more accurate, safer, and easier to use than ever before.

Circular saw come in different shapes and sizes, so we have created this circular saw buyer’s guide to help you pick the ideal one for you. The small, cordless circular saws are good for home projects. Larger electric circular saws are better if you’re doing professional woodwork or plan to do it often.

You should pick which one you want depending on your project and how often you plan to use the tool. Keep reading for our recommendations on the best circular saws.

Reviews of Top 10 Best Circular Saws 2023

1. Milwaukee 2732-20 M18 Cordless Circular Saw

Milwaukee Cordless Circular SawThe Milwaukee 2732-20 is one of the few circular saws that come with all the features you need. It has a 7-1/4 inch blade, which is like other saws, but it cuts through wood easier. It also has a brushless motor with batteries that allow for true power and performance.

The blade guard and the baseplate are made of a strong and lightweight metal. This will not break when you drop it. It also has an electric brake to make it safer when you cut things like wood or boards. This circular saw is one of the best if you need to cut wood every day.

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2. Makita 5007 Magnesium Circular Saw.

Makita 5007Mg Magnesium Circular SawAs the name suggests, the Makita 5007 circular saw is made using high-quality magnesium components. This make its frames not only lightweight but also durable.

In addition to the robust construction, this circular saw also comes with a powerful motor that spins the blade at a very high speed, 5,800 RPM (revolutions per minute). The adjustable beveling shoe makes it possible to make a wide range of cutting angles ranging from 0 to 56 degrees.

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3. DEWALT 20-Volt Circular Saw.

DEWALT 20V MAX Circular SawThis Circular saw it comes with a 20-volt battery that powers the motor. It is one of the most convenient and portable power tools and ideal for any of your remote cutting work.

It also comes with a brushless motor that makes it possible to vary its power output according to the power needs of each task. Moreover, it includes a 7 ¼-inch blade that makes it possible for you to create 2 ½ inches deep cuts.

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4. SKILSAW 15-Amp SAWSQUATCH Worm-Drive Circular Saw.

SKILSAW SPT70WM-01 15 Amp Magnesium SAWSQUATCH Worm Drive Circular SawThe SKILSAW 15-Amp Circular Saw is made using a durable magnesium frame, thus making it ideal for heavy-duty woodworking tasks.

It also includes a powerful 15-amp motor and a 10 ¼-inch blade for making precise cuts on laminated lumber, engineered wood, and a wide variety of materials. The saw also includes a robust 40-tooth blade.

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5. CRAFTSMAN 15-Amp Circular Saw.

CRAFTSMAN Circular SawThis Circular saw from CRAFTSMAN is among the most affordable Circular saw you can come across in the market today. It is features a robust and a durable metal construction guards as well as a magnesium shoe, thus making it lightweight and a long-lasting tool.

The durable carbide-tipped blade frame is well reinforced to rotate at a maximum speed of 5,500 RPMs. The tool-free beveling show is also adjustable, thus allowing you to make various angled cuts ranging from 0 to55 degree.

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6. SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 15-Amp Worm-Drive Circular Saw.

SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 15-Amp Lightweight Worm Drive Circular SawIt is the most unique circular saw, particularly due to its worn-drive design that increases the gap between the tool’s blade and handle, thus increasing your reach to make longer cuts.

Moreover, this Circular saw also includes a cut-ready depth adjustment that helps you make quick preparation when cutting various sizes of plywood such as ¼-, ½-, and ¾-inch-thick plywood. Besides, the saw also includes an anti-snag lower guard that prevents the blade from getting stuck on thinner materials.

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7. Ryobi One P505 18-Volt Circular Saw.

Ryobi One P505 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Circular SawIt is one of the most affordable Circular saw that focus on the user’s comfort by including an additional side handle and rubber-molded grip. It is a battery-powered tool that includes a Ryobi’s line of 1 plus batteries.

These batteries are compatible with a wide range of gears from the company. Moreover, the saw also includes a transparent blade guard to increase its visibility while you focus on your work and an adjustable beveling shoe.

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8. Milwaukee 2830-20 Circular Saw.

MILWAUKEE'S 2830-20 Circular Saw Rear HandleIf you’re looking forward to owning a Circular saw with a rear-facing handle, then Milwaukee should be your option. This circular saw comes with a long-lasting M18™ Redlithium™ battery from Milwaukee.

Besides the high-efficiently, this gear also comes with an LED light that enhances its visibility when working in dimly lit workstations. Moreover, the included convenient rafter makes it easier for you to store it.

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9. SKILSAW 5280-01 Circular Saw With Laser Guide.

SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw with Single Beam Laser GuideThis circular saw is among the most affordable and user-friendly Circular saw available today. It comes with a wide variety of features that make it easier for you to complete the various woodworking tasks with ease.

For instance, the integrated dust blower helps protect you from the cut line, while the laser beam helps guide your cuts for accurate results. The guarded trigger is designed to prevent accidental startups. The included- 24-tooth carbide blade makes it possible for you to make cuts on various materials, including hardwood and plastics.

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10. Makita SH02R1 12-Volt Max CXT Cordless Circular Saw Kit.

Best Circular Saw 2022Are you looking to owning a compact circular saw that cab make angled cuts on plywood and particleboard? Fortunately, this kit includes a compact circular saw that is ideal for making thin cuts on particleboard, plywood, and other hard materials.

In addition to the lightweight circular saw, the kit also features a lithium-ion battery, which you can charge using a battery charger and a durable carrying bag. The entire kit is covered by a three-year warranty that covers the charger, tool, and battery.

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Best Circular Saw

Factors to consider when buying a circular saw

Circular saws serve a wide variety of cutting purposes, such as cross-cutting 2x4s and ripping plywood, among others. Circular saws come with high-powered blades that make it possible to make a wide variety of cuts. Circular saws are particularly designed as woodworking tools, although you can outfit your Circular saw with specialized blades to cut metal, masonry, and laminate flooring. Here are several factors you need to consider before you can buy your circular saw.

The power rating.

Different manufactures used different terminologies to describe the circular saw’s power rating. For instance, the corded circular saws have their power rating indicated in amperage. If you’re looking forward to owning a circular saw for small jobs or occasional use, then a 12 amp circular saw can be ideal.

However, if you need a standard circular saw with basic performance, consider a circular saw with an over 15 amps power rating. The power rating of the cordless circular saw is mainly expressed based on the power of the battery powering it. A Circular saw comes with power ratings ranging from 16, 18, 20 volts.

Corded vs. Cordless.

Do you know that one of the most important considerations you need to make before you can buy a circular saw is the power source you intend to use? For instance, the corded circular saws come with power cables for connecting to your power outlet, while the cordless circular saws are battery-powered. For example, if your main workstation is at your premises, such that you don’t have to move your circular saw from one place to another, then you can consider purchasing a corded one. On the other hand, if you need a portable circular saw that you can carry with you from one place to another or places with no electricity, then consider purchasing a cordless circular saw.

The Blade Size.

Circular saws can also be categorized based on the diameter of their blade. The most common and ideal size for DIYers and small home woodworks blade size is 7 1/4 inches. Circular saws of this size are ideal for making deep cuts, i.e., through 3-inch thick wooden materials. If you’re looking for a circular saw to handle lighter tasks, consider a six 1/2-inch blade size. Moreover, if you’re looking for a circular saw for handling heavier duty tasks, consider an 8 1/4-inch model blade size.

Best Circular Saws

Electric Brakes.

There is a risk factor associated with using power tools, and that’s why you need additional protection. It is quite prudent to buy a circular saw that comes with electric brakes. The main purpose of an electric brake is to stop the blade from spinning immediately you switch off the power, which in turn provides an efficient, safe and faster work pace.


Lastly, you need to pay attention to the motor speed on your circular saw. The speed is expressed in RPM (revolution per minute). So, if you’re looking to purchase a circular saw with a higher power speed, you should consider a circular saw with higher RMSs. We highly recommend you choose a circular saw with about 3 000 to 5 000 + RPMs.

The Bevel Capacity.

Make sure to choose a circular saw with an angle scale and lever combination for easier custom adjustment of your saw cut angles. Most modern circular saws have the bevel capacity to make bevel cuts at various angles, with a maximum of 55 degrees.


Some of the top-quality circular saws come with a laser guide that helps you stay on the cutline, thus making accurate cuttings. In most cases, cutline cone in red for better visibility to help you improve the cutting accuracy.

Ease of changing the saw blades.

Some circular saws make it possible for you to remove and reinstall new blades within a few minutes. This can significantly reduce the downtime hence saving your time.

Circular Saw Review

Frequently asked questions.

Q: Should I get some additional features for my circular saw?

A: Typical circular saw features a wide range of additional features, which are all meant to make your wood cutting work more efficient and reduce manual work. For instance, an electrical brake is one of the most important features you should consider as it makes your cutting work safer.

Q: Can I use my circular saw to cut metals?

A: Ideally, circular saws are designed for cutting wood materials such as wood logs, plywood, and any other type of wood material. Using a circular saw to cut metals or stones will result in irreversible damage to your tool. So, if you want a saw that can cut metals, consider a metal cutting gear rather than damaging your circular saw.

Q: How do I use my circular saw?

A: Obvious, the first step to using your circular saw is to unpack your circular saw from the packaging box. Second, confirm whether the batter is included and if not, then proceed and buy one. Take your circular saw and firmly hold it on your hands, and then press the power ON button. Switching on the power means powering the motor, which in turn spins the circular blade to cut through wood material placed in contact with it.

Q: How does a miter saw differ from a circular saw?

A: While both the miter saw and circular saw are fitted with rotating, sharp blades to cut wood material and other material, the main difference is the design impact on how they operate. For instance, circular saws have handles and are used to make quick cuts, thus making them ideal cutting tools for plywood or 2x4s. On the other hand, miter saws are fixed tools designed to make accurate, angled cuts using a rotating arm. Miter saws are ideal for cutting decorative pieces such as baseboards and crown molding.

Q: What are the uses for circular saws?

A: A typical circular saw is a great DIY tool fitted with a rotary blade to make accurate and straight cuts. Although typical circular saws are mainly used to cut plywood, 2x4s, and other lumber materials, they can be fitted with customized blades to cut metals, cut masonry, and other hard materials.

Q: Are Circular Saw Blades Universal

A: The straightforward answer is no! As stated above, circular saw blades are available in various sizes. This means that you can’t use the smaller circular saw blade in a large circular saw. Always make sure to read the user manual to understand the type and size of the blade you need for your circular saw.

Q: Is it dangerous to use a circular saw?

A: Although circular saws can result in injuries, especially if the user ignores the safety measures, fortunately, there are a few precautions you can use to enhance your tool’s usage safety.

  • Always ensure to wear ear and eye protection gear.
  • Ensure to wear a dust mask and a coat, especially when cutting materials that are more likely to produce large amounts of debris and dust
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing or other accessories that can get stuck your circular saw blade.
  • Ensure to use both of your hands when operating your circular saw to ensure maximum control
  • Allow the blade to stop before you can settle your circular saw down completely.

Q: Why do circular saws sometimes get stuck?

A: The foremost reason for your circular blade getting stuck is bidding to the material being cut. For instance, the problem can be due to the cutting angle or using a circular saw with a low power rating to cut thick material. Ensure that your blade is not only sharp, straight but also secure before you can use it.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best circular saw might seem hard. Because there are many different models to choose from. But with this guide, you will be able to make a decision. There are options for people of all skill levels. Make sure that the circular saw you choose is going to do the work you need it for and has good reviews before buying one.

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